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About Matrix Generator

Originally Matrix Generator was planned to be only a little program helping our group
of four students in developing a different application. Plans however change and you never
know when one month little support project changes into a big application which evolves for
two semesters and takes a year to finish it… well, at least we hope to believe it is finished ;-)

During development there were many different ideas on how the project should
evolve, some of them were later implemented, some failed and some got later excluded.
Unfortunately usually the coolest ideas fail or get excluded, that is why Matrix Generator is
maybe not very cool, but it is functional instead.

Application has many features and options, it is optimized for performance, good
thing that you have not seen how slow was the 1.03 version – since that time we have
boosted the performance a lot. We tried to make it resistant to errors but there may be still
some situations that we have not foreseen.

The application is run together with a Console window, closing it would close the
whole application, we decided to make it like this because 90% of information during runtime
is written to the Console. It was the easiest way to quickly present a lot of information,
especially because the code was written by more than one person at a time (everyone coded
everything in his own way :-P) and it would be difficult to accomplish that in another way.

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